Saturday, February 17, 2007

Paris Towers

Out of the Loire Valley and into Paris. Same trip : 2001. We stayed in a hotel in the 7th on the Avenue Duquesne. We were only in Paris a few days this time on our way back to California.

A view of the tower from near the Invalides.

The purpose of the Paris stop was to go the French Open at Roland Garros, where we saw the two women's semi-final matches. But I could not resist taking pictures of my favorite Paris icon.

Wrought iron gates frame the view.

I'm also one of the only people I know who actually likes the Tour Montparnasse. To me, it's like a giant exclamation point in the city. It's a great landmark for getting your bearings, and the views from the top are incredible (I'll post some sometime soon, once I get them scanned).

La Tour Montparnasse. Those little black dots on top are actually people on the outdoor observation deck - 56 floors up.

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  1. I can never resist a shot of the Old Lady either. I am not quite as fond of the Tour Montparnasse, but sometimes, she manages to look good too.


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