Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Word Of The Week


One of our neighbors has three cats. We see them all the time out and about the 'hood, hunting. Since our dog died last year, they actually come into our yard a lot - which is a good thing as they help keep mice and moles away.

The biggest of the three is a gray tom named Filou. You can see him here. Our friends in Normandy have a cat named Filou, too; you can see him here.

There's also a product being advertised pretty heavily on tv right now called Petits Filous. Made by Yoplait, they are a blend of fromage frais and lowfat milk, flavored with fruit and sugar. Now with 10% more fruit ! Now with 10% less sugar ! I've never tasted one.

So what does a cat and a yogurt-like product have in common ?

The word's basic meaning is rascal or scoundrel. It's often used to describe kids who are cleverly precocious; cats, too, apparently.

Petits filous
, therefore, are little rascals.


  1. Thanks for sharing this! I am reminded of the little girl in Le Grand Chemin...she was quite a filou!


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