Saturday, February 03, 2007

Photo Du Jour : Where Now ?

This intersection could be almost anywhere in France. In fact, I'm not certain there's anything in this photo that gives away where it was taken (but I know where). Oh, there may be a limited number of towns in France that have a street named "Grande Rue." And you might be able to identify the stone used in the building and narrow things down a bit. But I'd be surprised.

There are châteaux all over the country, from the Paris region to the Loire Valley, from Champagne to Bordeaux, from Bretagne to the Dordogne, everywhere. Each region has a particular predominant style, depending on when and why the castles were built.

Medieval defensive fortresses, Renaissance royal palaces, modern mansions of wine makers, fabulous restored and converted hotels. There exist all manner of castles in numbers too great to even count - although I'm sure someone, somewhere has counted them all. And I'm just talking about France.

So many châteaux, so little time.

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