Monday, February 12, 2007


The town of Montlouis-sur-Loire is just across the Loire river from Vouvray. It is also a wine town and produces wonderful Touraine whites with its only varietal, the chenin blanc grape.

An intersection in Montlouis on the banks of the Loire river.

There are just over 10,000 Montlouisiens. The town rises up on bluffs above the river, and there are wine caves carved into the stone below.

In Montlouis, they are proud of the chenin blanc grape.

We visited one of the more generic of these caves, on more than one occasion, and thoroughly enjoyed it !

A wine cave in Montlouis with the main house on the cliff above. Tasting and buying done here !


  1. Quel hommage au raisin et à la vigne!

  2. Hi, Walt! I like the changes. Good to see a week's worth of posts, because I often don't get to check in everyday. Seeing comments more immediately is also a plus, as is the pop-up (from what I can tell so far).

    Good job!

  3. Thanks, Ginny. I wasn't sure if pop-ups would be a problem for people with pop-up blockers. But I figure that not all pop-ups are created equal because my blocker doesn't block blogger pop-ups. I'd hate to try to say that 3 times, fast.

  4. Hi wcs,
    Hi from yet one more US expat in France !
    I was happy to find your blog, because I have been going to la Touraine" for years.
    I married into a family where belle-maman was born in Touraine.
    I 'am going to hop in to your blog often !
    You know already that Montlouis sur loire procduces a wonderful white wine.
    It is my family's favorite wine from this area.
    Drop into my blog if you have a moment.
    Take care

  5. I love the tribute to the chenin grape!

    It kind of reminds me of an old monument in Winlock, Washington -- "Home of the World's Largest Egg" -- they have a huge egg on a pedestal there. I remember because that's where my greatgrandparents farmed...


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