Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Kitchen Collection [9]

Last Friday was la fête de la chandeleur here in France. It's a catholic holiday that, I think, is called candle mas in English. According to Wikipedia, it commemorates the presentation of Jesus at the temple.

But for most French people, it's the day that you eat crêpes. For many years now, Ken and I have been making crêpes for la chandeleur. Since we've been living in France, we've purchased a couple of crêpe pans to make the task easier. One of them is pictured here.

This year we made crêpes au sarrasin, or buckwheat crêpes, the traditional Breton variety. We sautéed a bunch of mushrooms and covered them with a cream sauce to fill the crêpes. A green salad along side completed the lunch.

For dessert, of course, we had the crêpes with jelly inside. What a delicious feast !


  1. I feel I'm going to disappoint you here. I love crêpes but d'you know what my favourite kind is?
    Plain crêpes au sucre!
    That crêpemaker looks quite fancy!

  2. Claude, the classic beurre/sucre is one of my favorites, too. And that pan is nothing more than a Téfal crêpe pan that we bought at Intermarché...

  3. Hi Walt - For your interest, in England the traditional day we eat pancakes is called Shrove Tuesday and this year it falls on 20th Feb (I believe). Perhaps this will give you the opportunity to use the crepe pan again!
    Love your recipes and look forward to reading your blogs and seeing more of your excellent photography each day

  4. Carol, that's very interesting. I didn't know that Shrove Tuesday is the same as Mardi Gras, the day before Lent begins. I've heard that the French also eat crêpes on this day to use up eggs, cream, and other things prior to Lent. Thanks !

  5. I believe Feb. 2 is, in the Catholic religion, the feast of St. Blaise. On that day, churchgoers get their throat blessed. The priest crosses two candles at the person's neck and says a prayer for good health. No, the candles are not lit. Gabby


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