Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Apple Blossoms

This is a little late since most of the blossoms are gone now. But during my two week run of Paris photos, I did manage to take some shots around the house and yard. Better late than never.

I love the subtle pink shades.

We have five apple trees in the yard. Each is a different variety. But I have no idea which varieties we have. The smallest tree is dying and I'm planning to take it out this year. But the biggest tree is still going strong.

The big tree in all its glory.

It gives us so many apples that most of them go into the compost pile every year. Every other year the tree produces more apples than I've ever seen on a single tree. This year will be one of those years.

Blossoms. Lots of 'em.

Starting in mid summer and through the fall, the ground will be littered with thousands of fallen apples, all of which have to be picked up by hand each time I want to cut the grass. It gets to be a chore, but it gets us outdoors and Callie enjoys chasing a thrown apple or two across the yard.

I've seen her chomp into an apple and eat the whole thing, core and all. And sometimes I'll find a dried and shriveled apple under the couch, one that she obviously sneaked into the house but that got away from her.


  1. Oh maaaaaaaaannnnnnnnn what glorious photos! And... is that Callie's "pile" there on the walkway?


  2. I'll swap ya some apples for...I dunno...something...later in the year.

  3. Wow what a fabulous tree...you have a wonderful house and garden...:-)

  4. What is it about Springtime.... that enthralls us, captures us, makes us happy??? (Except for the allergies, that is.)

  5. I am beginning to believe everything is lovely in France; it all looks so lovely !

  6. judy, yes! We still have not moved Callie's wood pile, and it grows every day.

    susan, you got it! No need to swap...

    anne, thanks!

    lewis, it might have something to do with the end of winter.

    urspo, I only post photos of the lovely stuff... there's plenty of the other. :)

    victor, why, thank you.


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