Monday, April 27, 2009

Periodic Puppy Pics

April has been a great month, weather wise. We've accomplished a lot in the yard and vegetable garden. And even though there is still much to do, it feels good to get out there and see some real progress as opposed to being cooped up by cold and wet weather thinking about what needs to be done.

Watching out for birds.

Callie also enjoys the outside time. She loves sitting and rolling in the grass, chasing the occasional tossed ball or frisbee, and keeping her eyes on the birds and kitty-cats that frequent the yard. She always has a smile on her face when we're outside in the sun.

So do we.


  1. Congratulations on getting Callie to bring back the ball! Now there's a good girl! :))


  2. Hey there, baby girl......wanna play??

  3. Walt

    Thanks for the pic of the stair inside l'Arc :-)

    Callie must be saying: " Fly lower birdie , lower so that I can chase after you "

  4. She is focused very intently on something!

  5. judy, usually she just catches it and sits down. We've made progress.

    lewis, she's always ready.

    beaver, how did you know? ;)

    evol, birds. always birds.

  6. evol, unless it's the moon. Or a hot-air balloon. Or a funny-shaped cloud...

  7. Alex and I will have to pay you all a visit soon!!! : )

  8. leesa, just let us know!

  9. lol the pup is chillin! take a look at my friends new pup, its the cutest pom, it looks like a raccoon i swear.


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