Thursday, April 30, 2009

Good-Bye, April

A fitting photo for the last day of April 2009. This is the back of our house toward the end of the month, after we got the lawn furniture out. We had lots of outdoor weather this month and enjoyed the back yard, mostly working: pruning, weeding, and tilling.

Callie sitting in the shade of the umbrella.
That round brown patch on the lower left is what remains of a tree stump. I'm hoping to re-grade and seed it soon.

But we also did a lot of sitting, sipping, and playing with Callie. Here's hoping for a good month of May so we get the rest of the vegetable garden planted.

Also on our list for the summer: cleaning parts of the house exterior to get rid of some dark stains (the house was once covered by vines), painting the window sills and that white band around the bottom of the house, sanding and re-painting the shutters on the garden shed, removing a dying apple tree from the yard, and continued maintenance on the vegetable garden.

Ouf! I'm tired already.


  1. What a blissful picture. You have a lovely house.

  2. I always love the yard and house pictures :) And, of course, the happy-and-content-Callie pictures :)


  3. I like how you look at the picture and see the chores you have to do! Ah, the joys of home ownership. One of the best, though, is having that umbrella, table and chairs with the loyal dog nearby, good food and wine and friends to share it with.

  4. Looks very relaxing. You;ll have no time to enjoy it though with all the chores you've got on the list!

  5. anon, thanks! Are you truly anonymous or did you forget to type your name?

    judy, I often think I'm repeating myself too much.

    ginny, you got it. But with enough wine, the chores blur and fade away and I can see the leaves and flowers and pink elephants...

    evol, well, if half those chores get done this season, I'll be happy. See above comment. ;)

  6. Re anon: It was me, sorry. Sometimes I can't be bothered to jump through all the hoops necessary to sign in. I'm just lazy. Jean

  7. jean, no problem. I don't mind anonymous comments at all, I was just curious!

  8. Hi ! You seem to have a very quiet life here in France ! Your house looks lovely and cosy !


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