Friday, April 17, 2009

A Morning Walk

I got up on Thursday morning and took my time getting ready and packed. I had my train home at six that evening, and a lunch date with a fellow blogger (more about that later). Still, it was only about nine a.m. when I checked out of the hotel.

A produce stand at the market at Place Maubert.

I asked the desk clerk if I could leave my bag until later - most Paris hotels will let you store your bag for a while. I wasn't sure what I would do first. L & L left me a museum pass that was still valid, and the Pantheon was just up the street. But it didn't open until ten. I decided to walk over the Jardin des Plantes and see about getting into the natural history museum there which had recently been renovated in 1994.

Le Sushi Shop and its delivery bikes parked outside.

I walked up the rue Monge to the rue des Ecoles, then over to Jussieu and the rue Linné. The morning was bustling with people hurrying here and there and the gray overcast started to give way to blue sky. I snapped photos along the way.

Butresses on the church of St.-Nicolas du Chardonnet.

I arrived at the garden and walked through toward the main hall where the museum is. The plants were green and covered in buds, and were fresh and lush looking. Given that Wednesday had been a wet day, this was not surprising.

The newly renovated tower at Jussieu, one of the University of Paris campuses.

The Grande Galerie de l'Evolution, as the natural history museum is called, also didn't open until ten, so I had about twenty minutes to kill. I walked over past the Mosquée de Paris and on to Censier where I knew of a couple of cafés. I chose one and had a nice coffee, then headed back over to the museum.

On the rue Poliveau. It's a small detour I made and isn't on my route below.

By the time I got back there was a small line of about fifteen people, which I joined, and a few minutes later the doors opened and in we went.

My Thursday morning walk route.
Click on the map for a larger view.

More tomorrow...


  1. Sushi delivery - what next ?? !!
    I shan't think I've arrived in the 21st century until I've availed myself of the service. Pity it's 400 miles from home !

  2. That natural history museum is something else, isn't it? I was there in '96 and again in 2004, I think. I'm not really that interested in natural history, but the renovations were fabulous.

    Loved the outline map of your walk :)

    Had L&L been to Paris before?


  3. Walt, did you bring home something nice for Ken from Paris?

  4. Even Sushi shops look classy in Paris.

  5. Carolyn, I think Walt brought Ken a new green cutting board.

    Nice walk, Walt, I must get to the Natural History Museum.


  6. Sushi in France? Say it ain't so.

  7. anon, at least you don't have to worry about it arriving cold...

    judy, it was a blast. Check out the next post!

    carolyn, yes. See bettyann's comment.

    victor, almost everything looks classy in Paris, which is why I try to go often.

    bettyann, it's worth a stop!

    ur-spo, sushi is very trendy these days in France. So is Starbucks.

  8. There are Japanese restaurants on just about every street corner in Paris these days.


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