Wednesday, April 01, 2009

In Situ

I know this may be a bit repetitive, but that's life. Especially here. On Monday we did a little work in the garden. I raked up part of the garden and sowed seeds for radishes and mustard greens. It's still way too cold to put much else out there.

Tunnels and cold frames in the garden.

With the help of the cold frames and the garden tunnels, the ground warmed up nicely and the seeds should sprout without a problem. Except for some of the radish seeds. I had a packet of seeds that's ten years old. I don't know if they'll sprout or not. I also had new radish seeds, so they should be allright.

Tomatoes and eggplants in a south-facing window.

Indoors, the tomatoes and eggplant sprouts are doing very nicely. And the specialty peppers are coming up. No sign of the bell peppers, yet.


  1. Walt, your plant blog is good but the best thing of all is your agenda for today. I'm so jealous. It certainly beats a typical day here: up at 6.30am, make breakfast, make sandwiches, get ready for work, drive to work through 4 sets of temporary traffic lights and road works, work flat out dealing with the great unwashed (the general public), drive home at lunchtime to let dog out and give her lunch, eat sandwich as fast as possible, drive back to work arriving inevitably late, work flat out until 5.30, drive back home through road works again, get dinner ready, do ironong, ........

  2. I second that, anonymous (although at least I work from home)

  3. Feel free to repeat yourself all you want. We like it!

    (I'm retired, so my repetitive day consists mostly of things I don't mind repeating. Hope that's true for you too.)

  4. The only bad thing about being retired is that you never get a day off! ;-)


  5. I'm jealous that you have a yard so you can plant a garden. All we have is a small flowerbed in the front.... City life!


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