Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Periodic Puppy Pics

Callie has a morning ritual. After her walk, she gets breakfast. That's some rice that we've cooked with broth and little scraps of leftover meat, usually chicken. With that she gets a dog biscuit.

Under the bed with the Tricky Treat Ball.

After that, she gets one crunchy treat followed by one chewy treat. Then it's time for the Tricky Treat Ball. I put a small handful of puppy kibble in the ball, then she pushes and tosses it around the house to get the little treats out and gobbles them up. It's a great activity for her both mentally and physically, and since she's moving around she dries out a bit from her morning bath.

Sometimes the ball will go under a chair or bed. She can't get under the chair, so she barks for help. But she can and does get under the bed to retrieve her ball.

On this morning, I caught her relaxing near the ball, seemingly enjoying the sun for the few moments that it shone directly under the bed. A few seconds later, she was off to take her morning nap.


  1. Dogs are just so predicatable - and delightful. Their routines rule their lives and ours. our dog has a similar ball thing called a kong. She has discovered that if she runs upstairs and drops it down from the top, she gets the goodies out even sooner.

  2. She looks like she's on a mission!

  3. anon, oodles of fun!

    rachael, interesting, but I think she was just taking a break from her mission!

  4. That is a fantastic photo!


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