Monday, March 16, 2009

Periodic Puppy Pics

Callie is enjoying the spring-like weather we're having. Sunday was the second day this weekend that we've been able to sit outside and enjoy the sun. If you count Friday as part of the weekend. And I do.

A happy dog. Can you see the tennis ball in front of her?

Our neighbors were down from Blois for the day with one of their daughters and three grandchildren. The kids kept running up and down the road, one with a soccer ball and another on roller blades. Callie just loved that, running the length of the road barking at them, inside the hedge. What fun!

Another shot of the happy dog.

I can't help but be hopeful that we'll have some good dry spring and summer weather this year. Callie enjoys hanging out in the yard whether we're doing garden work, barbecuing, or just sitting around sipping wine. I'm looking forward to it, too.


  1. I'd love to roll her onto her back and rub her belly! Mason loves that. What nice shots.

  2. Awwwhhhhhh :)) Callie looks like she's having such a good time!

    Hey! I made the Tarte Amandine aux Fruits this past weekend :) I didn't have a tarte pan, so I used a pie pan... I think that is was maybe deeper than a tarte pan would have been, because the tarte needed much longer to cook than yours... around 50 minutes. I had the oven on 350, as you said, but I see that the original recipe was thermostat 6... which I'm thinking is more like 400? I figured that you went with the lower temp because you blind bake the crust. In any case, the results were yummy :) I did pears, and the only sort of fruit liqueur I had was crème de cassis, so that's what I used. I used strawberry jelly for the glaze. It all worked out!


  3. Now that's a happy dog!

  4. Callie is looking soooo grown up! She's a beautiful lady, now.


  5. ah spring!
    such a happy pooch.
    I wish we had a dog like this.

  6. lewis, Callie likes it too, although part of the play is that she likes to grab my hand with her teeth.

    judy, glad you enjoyed the tart. I'm not sure I would have put in cassis. I guess when I used the word liqueur, I should have said eau de vie or brandy. As long as it tasted good I guess it's ok!

    ginny, you bet!

    barb, Callie thanks you, and she knows it, too.

    bettyann, she just turned 2!

    urspo, I know where you can get one...


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