Sunday, March 15, 2009

More Signs Of Spring

I can't help taking pictures of the flowers that are blooming all over the yard this time of year. So here are some more, and they probably won't be the last. I know, some of you saw them all last spring.

A striped crocus.

The seed planting continues. Ken and I went to a garden store over in Amboise on Thursday and found an inexpensive seedling dome. We also hit a LeClerc store and picked up a few jardinières (window boxes) that were on sale and a couple of tunnels de jardin. I don't know what they're called in English (garden tunnels?). They're little protective covers, like tiny Quonset huts made of fabric, that you put in the garden for seedlings to keep them warm on chilly nights.

I got the specialty pepper seeds started in the new dome. Twelve jalpenos, six serranos, and six cayennes. We had really good crops of cayennes in the past, so we're hopeful for more this year.

Purple primroses.

I also moved a lavender plant to a better location. There's still much to do out there. First, and foremost, is picking up all the downed twigs and branches from the yard. Then there's a bit of pruning that didn't get done in the fall.

Callie and the lavender in its new location.

Next up, there is a dying apple tree in the yard that has to be taken down with the chainsaw. That'll probably be a blog post sometime over the next few weeks. I'm sure you're quivering with anticipation.

Again with the crocus.


  1. Good luck with your forthcoming good weather & sunny days and thank you for those terrific flowers. Enjoy (including the rosés) :-)

  2. Wow! It's really starting to feel like Spring is on the way and just hovering to pounce :) I have never seen a striped crocus! How beautiful!

    Hey, you and Ken are such a rich resource of photos and info for Loire Valley vineyards and castles... my French 4s are about to do a travel project (which they'll have to present using si clauses and photos of places that they would visit/would have visited if ,etc.) I'd like to put links to sections of your blogs on my website for them to use as one of their resources... which means that your photos would end up in PowerPoint presentations and/or websites. Is that okay with you both? They will credit you! :))


  3. I love striped flowers.

    I left the last photo showing on my computer and went out of the room. When I saw the crocus again from across the room, it stopped me--the light on the tips of the petals was so beautiful!

    Perfect photo for a gray rainy Sunday (though we're grateful for the rain).

  4. Judy, it's certainly all right with me for you to use my photos and text with your students... Ken

  5. Judy, me too, me too!!!

  6. ABSOLUTELY STUNNING!!!! I do love crocuses!! Enjoy!

  7. Love the photos,the crocuses her are starting to pop up but,I've never seen this one before....Barb

  8. yes yes yes! They are all in bloom here too. I'm in love....with spring.

  9. i remember living in the Midwest, croci were some of the first signs of spring (unless the aconite bloomed first). I miss spring flowers - I used to have 100s of daffodils.

  10. beaver, thanks!

    chris, sorry about your clouds. I'm sure they won't last.

    leesa, the crocuses you posted were beautiful!

    barb, I'd never seen one like that, either.

    lewis, me too!

    urspo, I don't know aconite. I'll have to look that up.

  11. If you can, it would be great to save and dry the apple wood to use for grilling. Applewood smoked anything = yum!



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