Tuesday, March 24, 2009

This Bud's For You

I know, bad, bad pun. But I'm very excited about the lilac bush. It's covered in buds this year.

The lilacs will be gorgeous when they open up.

Last year there were absolutely no flowers. I looked up the variety of lilac that we have and read that it blooms every other year. Bummer. We bought and planted it in 2006. It flowered in 2007 but was nothing but leaf in 2008. This year it looks like we're getting a big crop.

Wysteria buds against the house getting ready to do their thing.

In other budding news, the glycine (wysteria) that we planted the same year is also covered in flower buds. It did flower last year, but this should be an even better year because it grew significantly last year. The first two years it must have been working on its root system; it didn't grow much at all. Then, last year, all of a sudden it went wild.


  1. Had never seen lilac buds at this stage. Very few lilac trees in Paris!
    Great pics as always

  2. Yes, great pictures. The buds on the lilac bush look like early-stage hyacinths :)


  3. Lilacs and Wisteria are my absolute favorites. My wisteria is growing well, but the lilac we planted 3 years ago never bloomed till last year, and only 3 blooms which quickly died...going to try again with a new one this year. ps...just love your blog

  4. Oh, lilacs are my favorite flower but it is too hot to grow them here! I have to be happy with memories of my grandmother's lilacs in Canada.

    Looking forward to seeing pics of yours in full bloom.


  5. "...all of a sudden it went wild"

    That's wisteria all right. Ours would take over the house and yard if Tony didn't hack at it now and then. Sure is pretty though.

    Looking forward to more lilac photos. I enjoyed the lilacs when we lived in Illinois. They're rare around here.

  6. One of my favorites....along with the Peony. I can't tell you what the scent does for me. I'll bet you understand, thogh.

  7. Talleluh Bankhead once said
    "there is a bit of the homosexual in all of us. It is not the * or the ", it's in the eyes don't you know, and the scent of lilac.

  8. Take many photos when the lilac blooms. Ours is already there, and it isn't a great year, but as long as I can get a few whiffs of that aroma, I'm good.

  9. Looking forward to pics of them in full bloom.


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