Saturday, March 14, 2009

This Is For Evelyn

Friday the thirteenth was a very lucky day for us. Lots of sun, and the warmest day so far this year. Ken and I spent several hours outside, soaking up sun and sipping wine. And I wore the shirt that Evelyn in Alabama sent. Here's the proof:

Walt is wearing the Obama shirt that Evelyn sent.
Ken is snoozing in the sun.

Callie enjoyed it, too. She's not used to hanging out outdoors. But I think that she will get used to it again very quickly. I hope it lasts.


  1. Nice scene, looks summery and relaxing.

  2. Are we to assume that not only did Callie ejoy just kicking back in the sun, but that she took the photo too?

    Some dogs are just too darn clever

  3. I love this photo, you guys look super chilled out. (although, you're a little pale Mr W, you need to get out of the kitchen and into the sun!)

  4. Love seeing my hero's name on a shirt!

  5. love the shirt.......i have both long and short sleeved versions so i'm covered for all seasons.....the 20 something stores like urban outfitters carried fashionable T's with Mr O's face that are all the daughter had requests from her french family to bring them to paris too...yes we did !

  6. I appear to have been beached by a big wave. Maybe it was the Obama tidal wave. Anyway, it was glorious out in the warm sun and I was able to take the dog for a walk late in the afternoon.

    Hey, pale is in. Besides, we live in northern France. There is not much sun.

  7. Walt

    T-shirt ( or short sleeves) -whoo hoo!!!!!
    Certains sont plus chanceux que d'autres :-) Let the sun shine........

  8. Goodness, my name is on your blog's marquee! I'm feeling almost famous, je me rougis;-)

    You are looking very good in that shirt, Walt. Wear it with pride. It's a new day. Let the sun shine in.

  9. you two look very relaxed....Barb

  10. I like that Evelyn. She picks out a mean shirt. And she has my grandmother's and my sister's middle name

  11. I am always intrigued and amazed to see people doing sensible things like
    sitting still
    drinking wine
    enjoying sunshine

    I can not remember the last time I let myself do those 3 things at once - and it sounds so lovely.

  12. You'd get even more sun if you had more skin exposed. Your not going to get a tan through the jeans. It has been cold and wet here. I want to sit outside and drink wine again. Maybe someday.

  13. victor, not quite summery, but close.

    simon, callie's getting quite good with the camera, but now she wants me to teach her photoshop...

    evol, yes, very pale. :(

    quinn, it's a great shirt!

    melinda, good job!

    beaver, we'd like to see more of the sun...

    evelyn, thanks, once again!

    barb, it's the wine ;)

    lewis, n'est-ce pas!

    urspo, um, didn't you just get back from the Florida Keys??

    mark, unfortunately, it's not quite shorts weather yet! But we're ready.

  14. Hey Ken, don't dis the sunshine in the Loire. It gets almost as many hours of sunshine as Sydney, you know.

  15. Is Sydney as far south as Tours is far north? I guess I can look that up.

  16. Sydney's latitude is 33 degrees 50' south. What is Tours' latitude?

  17. OMG!!! I am soooo loving it!! You guys look like you are soaking up the sun... Save some for us!! hehehe!!


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