Wednesday, March 04, 2009

More Primroses

The primevères (primroses) are starting to do their springtime thing. So I thought I'd show you some more.

The purple pimpernel?

I'm heading out today to collect Ken from the train station near Tours. If all goes well, he'll get in this afternoon and we'll head over to Vouvray to buy some wine for his birthday, which is tomorrow.

We have a special lunch planned. I'll take bets on which one of us blogs it. On second thought, perhaps not.


  1. O COME ON, PLEEEEEEEEEEEEASE, dont tantalise us, just make sure we see and delight in it.
    Tell Ken we all welcome him back to France.


  2. It's funny you'd post about Primroses...because I've seen quite a few of them over the last front of businesses and homes....all fresh, perky, bright and beautiful!

  3. Welcome back for another one thousand and beyond!

  4. Happy Birthday Ken and welcome home!

  5. HAPPY BIRTHDAY KEN!!! Hope you had a nice time in the States and of course, welcome back home!

    I LOVE the primarosa! I love the way they pop up in the grass in people's gardens! Spring is in the air...

  6. blathnaid, I love to tease. I'll pass on the message.

    lewis, it's a sure sign that winter is on its way out.

    chm, merci.

    mark, I'll let him know!

    leesa, thanks on his behalf!

  7. I have heard of Vouray, when I was first studying wine. I have never had any.
    Ironically, despite all my wine study/tasting, I have hardly had any French wine. Here it is just too expensive/hard to obtain. So Yanks go to Chile and Washington and California and Australia.
    Iwould like to try some real French proper wines some day.

  8. urspo, you should seek them out. Vouvray comes in many styles, dry, semi-dry, sweet, and sparkling. But it's all made from one varietal: chenin blanc.


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