Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Daffy Dog

I couldn't resist posting this one. I was trying to get the flower in focus and not the dog, but it turned out just the opposite.

Callie is curious as to why I'm lying on the ground.

You'd think that as a professional planner I would be used to things not turning out as intended. The daffodils are really opening up now. They are terrific little spots of intense yellow in the greenish/brown of the yard.

And, the tree buds are fattening up!


  1. Andrew was just reading over my shoulder, and mentioned that that a) he's been to the bridge/castle pictured in your banner, and b) we have an etching of it hanging in our house. I should pay more attention to what we have on the walls our house!

  2. Great photos, oh yes spring is really here, also like the photos below :-)

  3. I love that daffy photo! Our daffodils have been going strong for a few weeks. The cherry trees are in bloom now. It's a different picture show every day and I'm tuned in.

  4. The dogwoods are coming out around DC and the cherry blossoms will be right behind them! Damn the sinuses, I am ready for spring!

  5. Gee, everything with Callie in it is just so sweet :)
    I like the perspective of this photo :)


  6. She wore a yellow sunbonnet
    She wore her greenest gown
    She turned to the south wind
    and curtsied up and down.

    She turned to the sunlight
    and shook her yellow head
    and whispered to her neighbor
    "Winter is dead"

  7. evol, that's cool!

    anne, and it's about time, too!

    evelyn, I'll bet it's beautiful!

    mark, I hear ya!

    judy, thanks!

    urspo, a nice poem for a Thursday morning!

    note to self: you've used up this month's allocation of exclamation points.


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