Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Yellow Interlude

Just another shot of daffodils and forsythia from our yard. The yellow is intense, especially in the sun. The various flowering trees around the yard and neighborhood are also putting on their show, but somehow my photos of them don't come out very well.

So jaune (yellow) is the color for today.


  1. I MUST plant a forsythia! I don't know why I haven't.


  2. very pretty photo,have a great day....Barb

  3. Can a photo be "delicious"? Because this one is.

  4. judy, I only hope they grow into healthy plants...

    bettyann, ours came with the house.

    barb, thanks, you too!

    alewis, yum! ;)

  5. Lovely. Spring is nowhere near that far along here in Chicago. It will be weeks yet before the forsythia blooms. We may even get a bit of sow over the weekend.

  6. I'm a big fan of the forsythia. Shane and I bough land in Maine for our retirement, and I plan to go crazy with the forsythia. Yours is beautiful!


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