Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Now is the time. The forsythia bushes in our back yard are blooming. It's very nice.

Forsythia blossoms.

This time of year is very "iffy." It can be nice, it can be crappy. You just never know. And March in France has a reputation for being stormy. They call the squalls les giboulées de mars. I'll be sure to let you know when they occur.

And again.

In the meantime, we're enjoying some nice weather. Really enjoying it. We can even dry clothes outdoors!


  1. I am jealous. I will see such beautiful colours only in 2 months' time. We still have mounds of snow on the ground. Enjoy :-)

  2. We must be on the very same wavelength....because every time you post a picture, I've just seen one here too....like the forsythia I saw just yesterday!

  3. I live in by St. Louis which is south of where you live in France and we don't have any Forsythia blooming. Is everything just that much better in France? I do have dandelions starting to sprout up everywhere does that count?

  4. We've had some incredible weather. Just waiting for March's proverbial lion to rear its ugly head. I have a feeling this is all too temporary.

  5. Linda, I saw some forsythia in bloom yesterday at Tower Grove Park, in South City :)) Hasn't the weather been GREAT this week??

    Walt, I was chuckling thinking about you and Ken probably thinking, "Haven't we taught this woman anything!? She's putting brown sugar in the sauerkraut and crème de cassis in the Tarte Amandine!" *heh heh*... It really was fine, though. Our crème de cassis around here is much thinner and more alcoholic than the true, rich, syrupy crème de cassis I've found in France. Yumm yummm!


  6. these would bloom in April in the Midwest. Between these and the daffodils, April is permanently associated with the colour yellow.

  7. beaver, ugh, mounds of snow.

    lewis, maybe we have similar weather?

    linda, sure! They're yellow!

    rachael, you may be right.

    judy, cooking is art and you are the artist. :)

    urpso, same in upstate NY where I hail from.

  8. Forsythia reminds me of my grandmother. She had a bush, and then she gave us cuttings, and we started one, and she'd come over and trim it every year (don't know why, but she did). You don't see them in California, though, but we have lots of other yellow blooms like mustard and oxalis.

    I'm glad you get to hang clothes out now. We use our dryer about 5-10 times a year, and the rest of the time our double cable clotheslines. Love 'em!

  9. ginny, I haven't thought about oxalis in a while! We use the dryer very sparingly. In winter, we hang the clothes indoors (the utility room) and use the big iron radiators to dry things, too (double duty!).

  10. I just discovered drying clothes on the radiators this past winter. I don't know why it took me so long. Not only does it make double use of the heating system, making the clothes dryer superfluous, but it humidifies the house at the same time. And the clothes dry a lot faster than they would hanging on the line in the cold utility room.

    I love spring, summer, and fall, when we can hang laundry outdoors to dry. That has started early this year. K.


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