Friday, March 06, 2009

Happy Birthday To Ken

Thursday was Ken's birthday. You will know which one when you look at this photo:

Happy 60th!

The "birthday cake" is an amandine aux poires, made in a new square tart pan that Ken's mom sent. It's cool, and worked great for this pie!

The pie, minus the sparklers.

He's suffering from jet lag and a chest cold, but he's doing alright. I got the special candles and the sparklers from the supermarket. But the darned sparklers took so long to light that by the time I got the last one lit, then got the camera, the first one was done.

Oh well, that's how it goes sometimes.


  1. I love the sparkling photo of Ken enjoying your beautiful tart, Walt! Your tarts are the best- we all know that!

  2. Ken looks soooo happy in the photo. Turning 60 agrees with him. Looking forward to one of Walt's desserts agrees with him too. (I notice the empty bottle on the table but I'm not going to give it all the credit for his smile.)

  3. Walt

    Nice pics :-)


    I was going to make the same comment about the empty bottle before I saw your post ...............

  4. I love the way you make things so special, Walt.

  5. Happy Birthday to Ken and that pie looks so yummy.

  6. many many happy returns on this feast day of his nativity!!

  7. Hey, Walt, can you hook us up with the recipe for the amandine? I would LOVE to try to make one of those tarts, but I'd feel better with a tried-and true recipe. Do you think you or Ken linked to the recipe in any of your previous posts?

    Nice job on making Ken's big day special!


  8. Oh, by the way, please stop by on Sunday.
    I am writing about French Cheeses and would like your input!

  9. Awww, hope you guys had a great day!


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