Sunday, April 19, 2009

Les Pavots

Poppies. Thousands of them. I don't know if they're there every year; maybe some of my Parisian readers can tell me. The formal garden at the Jardin des Plantes is certainly filled with them this year.

Poppy beds in front of the Grande Galerie.

This part of the garden is the "front yard" of the Grande Galerie de l'Evolution. In very French style, its allées and parterres are laid out in rigid geometric patterns. The effect is wonderful.

More poppies.

And there aren't just poppies, of course. There are many other beds planted with many other flower varieties. Not to mention all the shrubs and trees in various states of bloom.

Another perspective.

Along with this formal space, the Jardin includes a rose garden, a collection of large greenhouses, a ménagerie (a small zoo of sorts), and something they called l'école de botanique, where I suppose either garden students work or experimental plantings are done. I walked through the école de botanique, but most of the beds were being dug, amended, or having a re-fit of their irrigation systems done.

I couldn't resist just one more.

However, just about in the middle of this little garden, I noticed a small sign pointing to a pedestrian tunnel that said, "le jardin alpin, this way." I was intrigued, so I walked through.

More tomorrow...


  1. The last pic is really beautiful. Something else to add to my list of stuff I must grow now I have the chance.

  2. I walked through "le jardin alpin" a couple of years ago, in the fall, and I really enjoyed it. I hope you did too.

    Thanks for more great photos, Walt!


  3. I was wondering, from the colors and timing, if these are Iceland poppies. Susan will know! Beautiful no matter what they're called.

  4. I love the poppy pictures, Walt! What a great combination of colors. I love the California poppies, of course, but it's nice to see a variety of colors, not just orange.

    I see Ken's writing a lot about the herbs in your garden. We're inundated with cilantro just now. Wish I could send you some. I'm going to look for a recipe for cilantro chutney...

  5. Walt, is it possible to go to Paris just for the day once in a while? or would you have to spend at least a night.
    You know, in Southern California, driving 2 hours one way is almost "normal". I would think that taking the train then the metro is more practical than taking your car.
    Looking at all the art and beautiful parks (in pictures) makes me long to be in Europe (actually anywhere in Europe or the US but L.A.).

  6. i love poppies. i never grow enough! each year i keep increasing my area for them. i should do an entire field of them. :)

    when we used to go to colorado every year, we'd see beds like this. i could gaze and photograph at them all day long.

  7. I am so envious of you,I love poppies and from your wonderful photos it must have been beautiful....Barb

  8. susan, and they grow pretty well, here, too. Our friend Gisèle has some very nice ones chez elle.

    bettyann, yes, it was very nice.

    carolyn, that sounds like it might be right.

    ginny, I've got to plant some cilantro, but it usually bolts before I can use it all.

    nadege, we've done the day trip thing, but it's a long day, especially if you stay for dinner. The train makes it easier, but if you don't plan in advance it can be expensive. Staying over makes good sense.

    tansy, I don't have any in my garden. I'll have to work on that!

    barb, it certainly was a sight to see!

  9. Yes, they look like Iceland Poppies to me.


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