Saturday, April 04, 2009

Vineyard Skies

Our recent bout of very nice weather has brought not only colorful flowers and budding trees, but also some pretty nice skies. The views are especially keen from out in the vineyard, where you get a "big sky" impression.

The vines are pruned and ready to leaf out.

We have many overcast days here in central France. But we also have our fair share of clear skies. And in between, we have these. One of the weather presenters on tv calls them les cumulus de beau temps (good weather cumulus clouds).

Fresh gravel on the tractor path.

The vineyard walks are so much more pleasant when the weather is like this as opposed to when it's gray, windy, cold, and/or wet.


  1. Your views go on forever and they're so beautiful, Walt. Thank you!


  2. Big Sky?? As in "Montana"? Reminds me that we're going to be basking near 70 the next three days! I can hardly wait.

  3. Wow! Really something! We're having a gorgeous day here today, and planning to head over to the Botanical Garden for a walk... tulips should be in bloom!

  4. This always seems to me to be a typical Loire Valley sky. When we get something similar at home, it makes me long for France.

  5. I should know this, please don't chastise -
    are these all your vines?
    what variatel are you growing?
    Do you sell the grapes or make your own wine?


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