Tuesday, March 27, 2012

It's Boo-kay!

Remember Hyacinth Bucket? From "Keeping Up Appearances?" She was forever saying her name was not pronounced "bucket" but "bouquet." I always think of her character when my own hyacinths come up in the spring. Here's a close-up of some of our jacinthes (hyacinths) out in the back yard. I ripped up these bulbs and replanted them a number of years ago.

White hyacinths out back.

I planted them in a straight line and I shouldn't have. They would have looked better in a bunch. Live and learn. But they're still flowering and looking good. Yesterday I got the mole hills done, like I wanted. I also got some trimming and cleaning up done. The rhubarb is growing nicely and I'm trying to keep it watered. I sure hope we don't have a freeze. It could happen. After all, it's still only March.

And, for the record, I do not have a Mercedes, a swimming pool, or room for a pony.


  1. Doesn't seem like March tho'... Pauline and I are going to move rhubarb this week... it has only just started to show bud so will be OK. Just trying to get it out of the way of those South American invaders... the Coypu!! [or Ragondin]
    Just for your amusement, the correct way of planting bulbs is to have them in a "Hyacinth" and throw a handful over your shoulder and plant them where they fall... whilst it gives a more 'natural' look, make sure you do this [a] after dark or [b] when the neighbours are out!
    I presume that Hyacinth made it over to the States... was it the original UK version or an American take to allow for the language barrier?

    1. tim, it was the UK original. Mind the cows, Richard!

  2. Good job on the mole hills :) My hyacinths didn't bloom very fully, and didn't last very long this year, despite the constant warm weather. My sister (in New Jersey) said that, though it was 79° on the last day of winter, 26° was predicted there for last night! Yikes!

  3. I still watch the bbc shows on sat nite (theres nothing else on anyway) Keeping up Appearances, As Time Goes By and Waiting for God.....are still funny.....

  4. After a few weeks of weather in the high 70s-low 80s, last night we had 26degrees and there may be a freeze again tonight....the weather is so unpredictable. Your hyacinths are lovely! You can still move them when the ground is dry enough.

  5. Judith

    Weather wise same here . Last week was perfect , +20 to 24 Celsius . Then the cold came back on the week-end , this morning -15C with the wind and expecting some snow tonight .

  6. Glad to hear that you know your 'classics'! :)) 'Keeping up appearances' is probably one of the best comedy shows ever made. Although - I think it was last year - the British audience voted 'Dad's Army' as the best show EVER!

  7. Oh, remembering Hyacinth has made me smile.... she was a monster yet somehow adorable at the same time. And do you remember Sheridan? I don't think we ever saw him but he was a powerful presence nevertheless!

  8. I've always thought Sheridan and I had such a strong psychic bond.

  9. Mrs. Bucket is the spitting image of my mother.

  10. Hyacinths seem to do extremely well here - you just plonk 'em in and they come up and flower year after year with no maintenance.


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