Thursday, November 16, 2006

Autumn Leaves

Fall has about six weeks left before winter comes in. That's what the calendar says, anyway. But we never know when the weather will turn cold and gloomy. For now, we're enjoying the colors of fall and the relatively mild temperatures. I've been able to work in the yard several days over the past week. That's good, both for me and for the yard.

These are views of the leaves from our living room.

We have been enjoying fires in the wood stove most evenings. After a few hours, the room gets too warm, so we let the fire die out. But it's not really cold outside yet, so I'm thinking that when it does get cold, we'll keep the fire going a bit longer.

The effects of jet lag are very interesting. It's been more than a week now that we've been home, but I'm still not sleeping normally, and I feel very tired in the afternoons. I am getting some yard work done, and being outside and in the sun, even for a short time, feels very nice. But something is still not right.

I don't know if it's the time change, the shorter days, the cooler weather, or what. Maybe it's all of that. I do know that it will all be over after a while, and there is no hurry. That's one of the nice things about being here. There's no hurry.


  1. I'm glad you guys are back in France. Missed your French reports.

  2. Thanks, sietske. Glad you're reading.


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