Monday, November 20, 2006


You may remember that while in the USA we visited the Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta. Below are some additional images from that visit.

Above is one of those tunnels you always see advertised at aquariums and you think it's going to be a real neat experience, but it turns out to be disappointing. For one thing, it's a mob scene. Too many people standing still, or shuffling, and talking about things they know nothing about. For another thing, the acrylic tunnel tends to distort your view, so that nothing you see really looks real. It's all kind of Disney-fied, if you know what I mean.

This is a tropical fish tank that my photo doesn't do justice to. The colors were spectacular as were the number and variety of fish in the tank. A very nice exhibit, but also too crowded to really enjoy.

This woman (above) was giving a talk in front of the largest tank in the place, and it was pretty cool - the tank that is. Her talk was probably interesting, too, but I was not really paying attention. This is the other end of the tank that had the tunnel under it. Here you could see the giant whale sharks and the schools of other fish and skates glide by you with little distortion. The room was like a small auditorium with several levels so that it could accommodate a crowd and still deliver great, unobstructed views of the fish. Very nice.

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