Friday, November 10, 2006

Eastern Market, Washington, DC

As promised, more pictures from our USA trip. Today: Washington, DC, in honor of the recent elections! While in DC, we visited with our friend, Peter, whom we met in 1981 in Paris. We'll always have Paris...

We met on Saturday at Eastern Market, near where we used to live in DC back in the early 80's. The full fall thing was happening. To wit:

Pumpkins and chrysanthemums were the order of the day at Eastern Market.

Inside the market were many produce stands like this one.

Ken and Peter pose for a photo.

Peter and Ken caught chatting at the top of the Eastern Market Metro station. We were waiting for our friend Eleanor to arrive.

Another friend, Eleanor, met us at Eastern Market and we had a great day sightseeing. Eleanor and Ken were at Duke University together way back when the world was young. Here we are at the new World War II memorial on the Mall:

Me on the left, Eleanor in the middle, and Ken on the right. Although, politically speaking, we're all on the left...

It was great to see Peter and Eleanor again after so many years. We had a great time catching up. With Peter, we ate at a Thai restaurant in Arlington - yum! With Eleanor, we had Asian-Fusion cuisine at Asia Nora in the District - another yum!

Here's a gratuituos shot of the Washington Mall with the Capitol Dome in the background. The flags encircle the Washington Monument (that big white part on the right).


  1. Eleanor and I were also in Aix-en-Provence together back in the good old days. A year or two later, we spent time together in Rouen (where I was living) and Tours, including a hitch-hiking adventure that took us to Chambord to see the château. And then we went on down to Bordeaux, where E. was living, and toured around down there for a few days. Great memories...

  2. Great photos, Walt! And great results on the Hill this week. We all have great optimism. Let's hope we can work for some positive change.

    Isn't that WWII memorial a bit intense? We saw it this spring for the first time. My favorite part was the bas relief carvings of the WWII scenes as you walk into the memorial from the Washington monument side. Otherwise, all the pillars and wreaths made it a bit imposing and uninviting (a friend actually said neo-fascist, but I wouldn't go that far). I like some of the other memorials much better, but it's nice to see a variety, reflecting different times in our country's history.

  3. Thanks, Ginny. Yes, the memorial was a bit much, but maybe it will mellow with age... time will tell. Now there will be a new MLK memorial near the tidal basin.

  4. I really enjoyed the FDR memorial and wondered why the Bush people hadn't been over there to scratch off some of FDR's quotes. For example, "the only thing we have to fear is fear itself.."

  5. Great pix, great food, great memories (Ah, Aix...) and even greater friends! Still have a little election hangover/elation. Didn't stay up late, but fellow travelers all hurt because we keep pinching ourselves! Thanks for sharing your tour and yourselves. A bientot. E

  6. We loved the FDR Memorial. My favorite quote: "I hate war."

  7. Handsome folks, n'est ce pas?


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