Sunday, November 26, 2006

Leftovers Again ?

On Friday we, like most people who do the Thanksgiving thing, enjoyed leftovers:

First, Ken boiled some potatoes. Then he made a fresh mayonnaise. Next, the roast leg of lamb got sliced up and served along side some of our home-grown and home-roasted red peppers. A green salad and a baguette rounded out the meal. Of course, there was left-over pumpkin pie for dessert!

Today, Sunday, Ken is using the remaining lamb for what's called hachis Parmentier. In the states it's called a shepherd's pie. He is certain to include photos on his site, so check it out.

My task for the day is to move our indoor clothesline; it's in a very inconvenient spot right now. We've been talking about moving it for some time, but hadn't gotten a round tuit. Now that I've got my tuit, I'm gonna do it. It involves some measuring and drilling into masonry. Oh boy, power tools!


  1. Leftovers are heaven! I'll have to do your videos at the office where I have better connection.

    Great photos from you both! E

  2. Thanks, Eleanor! They were deee-licious, too.


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