Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Hudson, NY

Early in our USA trip we visited a small town in the Hudson Valley named, aptly enough, Hudson. We were surprised, er, at least, I was surprised. Hudson did not have a good reputation when I was growing up in upstate New York. But lately it has become a place filled with artists and craftspeople, and the main street is now a collection of galleries and restaurants and wine shops. Cool!

Hudson's main street, looking down toward the Hudson River.

While visiting Hudson, we noticed that we were there during an artistic exposition. We visited many galleries and really enjoyed the atmosphere.

The restaurant where we ate lunch: Baba Louie's. Wood fired pizza!

Hudson, as you might think, is on the Hudson River. There is a lighthouse in the river at this point that we saw from the bluff at the end of the main street in town. Here's my view of the lighthouse:

The Hudson/Athens lighthouse as I saw it.

And here is the same lighthouse as seen by a more professional photographer:

I pilfered this shot from the internet.

I noticed before too long that many shops had signs outside that said they were not closed, but open. I started taking pictures of the open signs, the first of which is below.

Open for business! The first in the OPEN series.

I have a small collection of these that I will post over the next couple of weeks, one at a time. It's the Open Series.

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  1. Love the beginning of the Open series! It's a twist on the glass half full/empty dilemma. I also remember the first time I was in the airport in North Carolina, years ago, and I noticed the "Smoking Permitted" areas (in the heart of tobacco growing country) as opposed to "No Smoking" zones.


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