Saturday, November 25, 2006

Dinner & A Movie

Er, make that Movie Of A Dinner. A short look at our lamb dinner on Thursday. The voice you hear is Ken's.


  1. Nice job, Walt! That was fun to watch. Your meal looks delish. I heard Ken a bit, but I also heard a woman's voice on TV or radio.

    Glad you had a yummy Thanksgiving!

  2. Ginny,
    Thanks! The woman's voice was on the TV - Josée di Stasio. She's a canadiènne cook with a TV show, which just happened to be on while I was taking pictures!

    Hope you and the family had a great Thanksgiving!

  3. Hope you had a nice Thanksgiving! Your blog is getting very high tech! BTW, I wrote about Touraine Primeur for Wine Sediments, but talked about the Gaillac version too...

  4. bc,
    Thanks, and yes, I read what you had written both on your blog and at Wine Sediments! Very cool. Did you celebrate T-day?

  5. Hyper sympa, la vidéo :-)! Bravo pour la réussite technique ! Le dîner n'est pas mal non plus :-) Marie qui pratique l'euphémisme aujourd'hui !!!


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