Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Back In France

We made it home after more than four weeks on the road! After about 26 hours of travel in cars, an airplane, trains and buses, the sight of our little house in the country was a great one to see. Our train got into St. Aignan right at sunset, and our friend David was waiting to greet us and drive us home.

There is much to do, so this will be brief. I didn't sleep well due to jet lag, so I spent most of the night last night messing with pictures, building a fire in the wood stove, and generally counting sheep. I finally fell asleep in front of the fire around four this morning, only to wake to a cold stove around eight-thirty. At least the heat came on so the house is not freezing - the outside temperature is 2.6ºC (about 37ºF).

Here are some of the sights we drove by on the way to the Chicago airport on Sunday:

We drove up Lake Shore Drive and through downtown Chicago on the way to O'Hare just for fun.

This was just before we passed Soldier Field. Traffic was light because as we passed the Bears and Dolphins were kicking off for the day's game.

The Sears Tower is always an impressive sight.

Monday was a waste of a day between sitting on an uncomfortable Airbus, waiting for trains at the airport and at our transfer station in St. Pierre des Corps, and sitting on trains. We did have a meal of steak and salad at the airport while waiting, however, and our bags came off the plane intact, so we really can't complain! It's good to be home...


  1. I'm glad your trip home went well, Walt! You went through Chicago at a good time- Sunday while the game was in play.

    I'm surprised you didn't smuggle one of those puppies home in your suitcase;-)

  2. I can just feel how glad you are to be home. Pretty place, huh?

    The election is going nicely here...
    Chris P

  3. Welcome back!

    I read this story today and thought you'd like to read it too: http://sfgate.com/cgi-bin/article.cgi?f=/c/a/2006/11/06/BAGJ3M73IF4.DTL

    So long,

  4. Evelyn, yes, those pups were cute!
    Chris, I just woke up to the great news about the House! Yeah!
    Manu, thanks for the link. It brings back many (not so great) memories. I'm glad no one was hurt.


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