Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Word Of The Week


I just wanted to get back into my routine of doing a word of the week on Wednesdays, but I really don't have a word prepared.

Victoire is French for victory, which is what the Democrats in the US have this morning after taking 27 seats in the House of Representatives and winning the majority. The Senate is not yet decided, but enough Republicans lost that the message is loud and clear.

It seems that, although it's taken a few years, voters actually realized that they have been duped by the party of GWB. Voters don't like to be taken for granted and lied to, and this version of the Republican party has done both for too long. Here's to hoping that the Dems don't squander this opportunity to restore some sanity to the US government.


  1. Your word of the week looks mighty fine to me this morning! I feel as if I've been living in a nightmare and it's finally over.

    New York and Ohio were important victoires, non? Maybe democracy works after all, it just takes some people a long time to pull the wool out of their eyes.

  2. I guess it's really true: you can't fool all of the people all of the time! For once, we really enjoyed watching the election results. We hear that our President is "disappointed" (awww....).

  3. Super ! Bravo pour cette prise de conscience, Amis américains :-) ! Marie

  4. You're right about that it's ours to mess up now, eleanorcarroll. I think it's starting off good so far with Rummy gone and Cheney's not calling the shots anymore. Gates will be good.

    Today I'm very optimistic and haven't felt this way for many years.


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