Friday, March 30, 2007


We interrupt the 1989 road trip for some signs of spring :

Muscari, or grape hyacinth, pops up in a few places in the yard this time of year. The flowers are very small, but when there are many of them clustered together, you see kind of a purple patch in the grass. I've dug up some of the bulbs and transplanted them to other parts of yard quite successfully.

The tulips are in bloom as well. They're not as prolific this year as they have been in past years, so I think I'm going to dig them up and divide and relocated them to another place later on.

On Wednesday we had a great sunny day with temperatures in the low 60s. Since there was very little wind, we decided it would be a good day to burn. I keep tree prunings and other non-compostable yard waste in a "burn pile" out back. It's covered with a tarp to keep it dry. Then we pick a day in fall or spring to light it up and watch it burn.

Once the fire was going, Ken actually went and got a couple of lawn chairs and a bottle of wine and we sat out there and watched the fire for a couple hours. It was still glowing red the next morning. So were we...


  1. This is one thing that I truly love about living in Europe. If you feel like popping open a bottle of wine - then so be it!

    We were at the park after school last week and it was one of those warm, sunny Spring days and all the kids were just going nuts. And then this Daddy came into the playground, unrolled a blanket, uncorked a nice Pinot Noir, opened a bag of crisps and had a little party for one. This is quite common. I was at a paint-your-own ceramics place one evening with some friends. These other ladies came in and plunked down a bottle of wine, and some nibbleys and proceeded to paint some vases.

    North America has such an uptight relationship with liquor... and nudity and some other stuff.

    And the wine that I drink over here, I could never afford (let alone find) back in Canada.

    I'm luvin it.

  2. I'll drink to that.
    Three cheers for all of us who appreciate what parts we have escaped from and what parts we have escaped to. And for the rest... I never said it was all fun and games.

  3. Please don't make me any more jealous than I am already! Luckily, the attitude is thawing somewhat. Well, our paint your own pottery places in Tampa allow you to bring your own wine. Otherwise, you are looked at like the town drunk, if not arrested for being a terrorist.

    Seeing the pictures of the flowers, I really wished I lived at least one horticultural zone North. It is just too darn hot here to have bulbs do really well. Luckily, my favorites, daylillies, grow well here.

    Have a great day!

  4. Jayne, papa, mp, thanks, and yes, we are lucky. We shall all raise a glass and celebrate ! :))

  5. Oh, and mp, day lilies are great. I had them in our back yard in San Francisco, along with agapanthas.


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