Sunday, March 18, 2007

Sète Yourself Down

We left Aigues-Mortes and continued west and south along the coast, driving past Montpellier on the way to Sète. The sun was going down fast so we looked for a cheap and easy motel and found one without much trouble.

Sunset near Sète.

Over 40,000 Sètois call this city home. Sète is a port town and was apparently a pretty busy one. I don't know much about its current activity, though.

Great views around Sète can be had from the Mont Saint-Clair .

There are two very famous sons of Sète : Paul Valéry (1871-1945) was a writer and poet, and a member of the Académie Française. Georges Brassens (1921-1981) was a beloved poet, folk singer and songwriter whose works have become standards of French popular music.

View looking southwest along the Mediterranean coast.

I don't have any real vivid memories of the town itself; it was just an overnight stop for us. We did some quick sightseeing the next morning before heading inland and westward.

A train makes its way across the marshes and what I think are salt ponds toward Sète.


  1. Ah, you see, that was your mistake. Driving right past Montpellier. -chuckle- So next time you head down A9 around Montpellier, take the exit to the airport, but head in the direction of Centre Ville and keep going until you get as close to the historical center of town as possible. You can't go all the way because it is pedestrian. You won't regret it. Granted, you can put on the blinders as you pass through most of the modern part of town.

  2. But you can still return to Sète. It is an interesting little port. Still an active commercial port and not very touristic. Well, granted, there is not much to see. But it has its charming side. The local population is still inbred enough that there is a particular accent. For someone looking to buy a place with a view of the Mediterranean Sea, close enough to more exciting places but off the primary hectic tourist path... could be an ideal spot. If I was younger and had the cash, I would consider it. Probably a really good investment.


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