Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Kitchen Collection [14]

Over the years I've developed a taste for cognac, calvados, armagnac, poire, and several other eaux de vie, not to mention port. To be honest, my taste developed rather quickly. Like after the first sip. I don't drink these cordials much because I have no will power. Once that bottle is open, it only takes a few days to empty it, and man, the hard stuff messes with your head. As in pain the next morning. But I still love it.

We have some tiny snifters, but they're not really big enough to do the proper job that a snifter is supposed to do. We also acquired two sets of what are essentially thick, heavy shot glasses that we both like.

But somewhere along the way Ken found a few older, etched, stemmed cordial glasses in a second-hand store. Each little glass is different from the others, but they all kind of go together. And they make a nice change from the snifter or the shot glass.

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