Saturday, March 03, 2007

Winter Flowers

Technically, it's still winter. But when you consider how mild it is and the fact that the flowers are up in our back yard, it feels more like spring. To wit :

Daffodils, jonquilles in French, are blooming, although recent rain has beaten them down a bit. If we have a good sunny day, they'll perk right up, I'm sure.

Above, young hyacinths, jacinthes in French, are poking up. I divided these bulbs and moved them to their new location in the back yard two years ago. Below, established jacinthes near the house.

And then there are the primroses, or primevères in French. There's a spot on the north side of the house, very close to a large blue spruce, where the primevères come up every year. There is a variety of color out there and it looks like a colorful carpet.

We also have cyclamen that blooms in late winter - its purple flowers are up in many places out back. Also, the forsythia is starting to bloom. I'll have photos of that and the flowering trees very soon. Ahhhh, spring.


  1. winter that looks and feels like spring is ok with me. ;)

  2. those flowers are beautiful ~


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