Friday, March 09, 2007

Room With A View

The tricolore flies proudly at the entrance to the Mont-Saint-Michel. It also lets you know that a good stiff wind is blowing.

On arriving at the Mont-Saint-Michel, the first thing you do is pay to enter the parking lot. That's the first hint that your visit will be a Disney-esque experience. The lady at the kiosk explained that once we checked into our hotel, we'd be given a special key that opens the gate to the hotel parking lot on the causeway. Until then we were to park in lot #1, closest to the Mont.

The window of our hotel room is the second one from the bottom in this photo.

Ken had found us a good room on the Mont-Saint-Michel, and it was a great deal. Fifty euros for the night in a newly remodeled, quite comfortable room that overlooked the main street of town. It was small, but for just one night it was great.

The street below our room, looking north and uphill. This is the town's main street; there are no cars in town.

To get to the room, we had to walk up the street a bit, then up some stone stairs about 3 flights up into a back street. We went through a door, then down two flights to our room. And with all that up and down, we were still one floor above street level.

The main street again, looking south, downhill.

There was a sliver of a view out over the bay toward the east with the mainland in the distance. That's where I saw the tide come in the next morning. It was a very quiet night, with rain tapping on the slate roofs around us.

The view from our room, looking east toward Normandy and the près salés where sheep are grazed.

This is the flag of Normandy flying at the entrance to le Mont-Saint-Michel.


  1. Sounds heavenly - a perfect getaway!

  2. Hello. Everyone tells me that Mont Saint Michel is a great destination in France. To answer your question posted on my blog, we were in Blois two weeks ago, visiting our daughter, and also spent a day in Tours, another at Chenonceau, and a couple in Paris to visit the Musee d'Orsay. I am still sorting through photos to post to my photoblog. Sounds like you love living in the Loire Valley!

  3. Looks wonderful! Sounds like you had a great time. So happy for you! Must have been nice to get away for a couple of days.


  4. The more I look at your photos, the more I want to go back to Mont Saint Michel with a camera and stay overnight!
    Love your photos


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