Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Kitchen Collection [13]

Demitasse cups are among those little luxuries that you allow yourself from time to time. I remember one year, more than twenty years ago, when Ken and I were celebrating one of our first Christmases together. We had been back from France for a couple of years by then.

We got ourselves one of those Italian espresso pots but didn't have the little cups to make ourselves feel like we were sipping our coffee in a French café. We each somehow got the idea to surprise the other with a set of four demitasse cups. Quite a surprise ! They're almost identical, the two sets, except the ones he got for me (pictured here) are rimmed with gold. The cups I gave him are a bit heftier and have black rims.

We've used them ever since, only now we have a fancy espresso machine (another gift) that makes pretty authentic stuff. Oh, we still have the Italian pot - two to be exact. Maybe they'll be featured here one day.

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