Thursday, March 15, 2007

More Mont-Saint-Michel

And you thought we were done with the Mont ! All in good time... There's something about the contrast between the regularity of the building shapes and the organic patterns in the mud and water that keeps us snapping pictures.

Then, there is the variety of buildings and materials. They are each built to keep out wind and moisture, and they each respond to the environment differently.

I often felt like I wanted keys to every building in the place so I could climb up and peer out the windows that point in every direction.

After a while, though, you just want to sit down and have a glass of wine. That gets you ready for your next climb around !

I think I'll be done with the MSM after one more post. Then we'll head back down to southern France for a while.


  1. This last group of photos is really successful just from a strict image perspective. (And I'm not too shabby a critic - my wife is a professional photographer - :)

    Plus, I've never been to Mont-Saint-Michel, so I really enjoyed all of them. :):)

  2. Great photos, Walt. Love those roofs. And I appreciate that the post was in English. Ken is leaving me in the dust! ;-)

  3. Thanks, papadeles2 and ginny ! I accept praise gladly.

  4. The photos are extraordinary, IMHO. But I am not a professional photographer nor do I play one on television.

    Looking forward to southern France!


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