Saturday, December 08, 2007

Another Saturday In Paradise

We woke up this morning and it was cold. Temperatures went back down overnight from a high near 12ºC on Friday afternoon to around 5ºC. But another weather system off the ocean is predicted for the weekend, so it will likely get mild again. No freezes in sight.

A large stand of birches out beside the vineyard.

It was Ken's turn to walk Callie this morning, so he had to bundle up. I think I prefer going out in the cold to going out in the rain. Still, when the rain is warm it's not so bad. Callie doesn't care one way or the other, as long as she gets to go out.

Some of the bare vines waiting to be pruned.

I've readjusted our afternoon outings so that we go at three o'clock rather than four-thirty. That way we miss Lily and her human. She had told Ken that they always go out at four. Our afternoons have been peaceful ever since.

These are a few of Callie's favorite mud puddles.
Harmless looking, aren't they?

We told the Bread Lady not to bother coming up to our place this morning since we have about a baguette and a half in the freezer. We made pho, an Asian noodle soup, for lunch yesterday and we don't eat French bread with that. Luckily the bread freezes real well and it's almost as good as new when we thaw it and heat it up in the oven.

An oak sapling, I think.

I'm toying with the idea or running into town to the market for mushrooms in a little while. Well, not running, but going with the car. I'd like to make a pizza one day during the week and the mushroom lady's fungus is good for that. We shall see.

Happy Saturday to all!


  1. from Toronto: Happy Saturday, too. I was looking at the cluster map. Impressive! Imagine everybody sending you a comment...Claudia

  2. claudia, thanks! If I had that many comments, I'd be quite amazed (not to mention busy).


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