Friday, December 28, 2007

Puppy Pic Of The Week

This week: another puppy movie. Callie is now ten months old and this is her third picture. Can't wait for the residuals to star pouring in...


  1. Hi Walt,

    Sorry this is off-topic, but I just saw the comment you left on Owen's blog about the 10 year cds. A friend of mine just renewed her CDS last week, and they told her that the rules recently changed for getting the carte de résident. Apparently now you have to have made at least 11,000€ per year (not sure if this is net or gross) for the past four years before you can qualify for it.

    I don't know if every préfecture is following this rule yet or not, but an acquaintance said she was told the same in Aix a couple weeks ago. And here I was crossing my fingers to get my 10 card in April!!!

  2. She is a vedette!No doubt about it...

  3. she looks a lot like the Yosemite tree wolf ornament!

  4. but which one of you is the papparazzo?
    beautiful grrl! so ready for her closeup!

  5. What a star! What a cinematographer! Loved the music, too.

  6. no wonder you are so in love with her......she's such a beautiful border collie...and acts so typical...and just look at that FACE! I love it. I'll bet she makes you smile all the time.

    Victoria.....Molly the border collie's Mom, Bellingham, WA

  7. sam, thanks. We'll be sure to check that out this summer.

    claudia, and she knows it, too!

    melinda, you noticed!

    chris, I should take movies of her getting into trouble...

    purejuice, we both serve as papparazzi, cameras always at the ready.

    susan, don't encourage me... there is more where that came from!

    victoria, she is a cutie. How old is Molly? Is she black/white?

  8. She is actually playing hide-and-sick! Great video, Walt.
    Claude Vieux, c'est mieux !!!

  9. Molly is a very young, black and white, 12 year old Border Collie. We just got back from our daily walk. It's cold out and has started to snow again.

    I long for spring!

    Victoria, Bellingham, WA


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