Sunday, December 23, 2007

They'll Never Get My Goat

On one of our provençale mountain drives (I think it was on the Mt. Ventoux), we were trailing some slow moving vehicles around some curvy parts of the road. Suddenly I was struck by the overwhelming odor of ripe goat cheese.

This small herd of goats stopped traffic!

At that very moment we turned a corner and had to stop. A small herd of goats had stopped traffic and tourists were out of their cars snapping photos. Of course, I jumped out and joined them.

These goats are at home on steep rocky mountainsides.

I was surprised by the smell of goat cheese. I had never really liked it much, and this smell just reinforced my distaste of the stuff. I love it now that I live here where it's made and have had a chance to try a lot.

And there were some kids alongside, too.

After a short while the goats moved on and so did we.


  1. Thank heavens you like goat's cheese now. The Loire has so many wonderful ones!

  2. Kings of the road! Nobody argued with them...
    Having a very interesting time viewing Mont Saint Michel. Beautiful, unusual photos. Fun with the kids in the mud. Thanks for the trip. Best Wishes1

  3. loulou, so true. I haven't graduated to real old/sec cheese yet. I like prefer the younger ones!

    claudia, glad you're enjoying the photos. Bonnes fêtes!


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