Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Kitchen Collection [53]

This pan is called a "chef's pan" according to the manufacturer, All Clad. I got it for Ken on one of his birthdays quite a while back. It's one of our three All Clad pans. We use it all the time; it's pretty much our favorite top-of-the-stove pan.

It's really nothing more than a fancy flat-bottomed wok. But it has this nice domed lid that also happens to fit one of our earthenware pots. It goes into the oven when you need it to. It's made of a great heavy stainless steel. It's another pan that we will have for the rest of our lives, and beyond.


  1. Brrrr! I see it's chilly chez vous and it is here too.

    I bought a similar, although more rustic-looking, pan from one of those travelling salesmen at a trade fair. I was afraid I might have "been had," but it is a great piece of equipment. It can go in the oven too, like yours.

  2. It does look a lot like a wok, doesn't it? Nice that it goes into the oven.
    Claude from Blogging in Paris

  3. betty, yes, cold. But everyone says we need the cold. It's good for the bulbs and the bug population. I've never purchased anything from those traveling vendors. There's a big one that sells tools and knives and other hardware and I'm tempted but wary.

    claude, and it works like a wok, too.


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