Monday, December 03, 2007

Clotted Cream

Warning: this is not about France.

English friends of ours (well, he's Welsh, she's English) brought us two pots of Cornish clotted cream from across the channel the other day. They also left us with two boxes of scone mix. So I made up a batch of scones, following the directions on the box (just add milk), and we were ready.

The box that the pot of cream came in.

We opened the cream, stirred it up, and spread it on the scones with some Bonne Maman strawberry jam. Yum! There is nothing in France that I know of like the cream from Cornwall and Devon in England.

The first time I ever had clotted cream was on a flight from London to New York. It came in a little tin with a foil lid. I peeled back the lid and spread the stuff on a scone. It was great. This cream comes from Sainsbury's (the English equivalent of Safeway, I think), and it is very good. It's thick and rich and sweet (but not sugary sweet, if you know what I mean).

The scones from the mix came out very nicely.

I have to make up that next batch of scones, and then I'm going to make my own home-made scones so that we can eat up that cream before it has a chance to go off. What a treat!


  1. I wished I had some of these scones. I am under 20 cms of "blowing snow" so far ( it's only 13:00 in Montreal) and my driveway has already been ploughed twice but to no avail .
    Enjoy :-)

  2. Those expiration dates got me for a second (month/day reversed).

    I bet that was delicious with Confiture. What a treat.

  3. Scones and clotted cream! I've never tried it...the only scones I've ever had came from places like Target. Yours look delicious though...yet another thing I have to try one day.

  4. Some marketing person should come up with a more attractive name than "clotted cream". How about heavenly cream?

    Never mind.

  5. beaver, I'd send some if I could. I'm glad we're not having your weather here!

    matt, yes, I often have to take a second look at those dates.

    ranjani, they were tasty, too! But I'm certain you can find some good ones where you are.

    cheryl, can you tell ranjani where in Chicagoland she can find good scones?

  6. Scones and clotted cream! I am just soooo jealous!
    And you're right, nothing like it in France

    Vieux, c'est mieux !!!


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