Sunday, December 09, 2007

Back To The Road: Provence

Back in June I started scanning the slides from Ken's and my 1993 trip to Provence. When we had house guests this past September, I put the slides away, but I hadn't finished. So, I figured that a good way to battle the grey, wet gloom of late fall was with my pictures of sunny Provence!

You can see the first installment of this trip
here. After that, just use the archive list in the sidebar to navigate to the other entries if you missed them. You can also use the category list by clicking on "france regions" and look for the entries there. So, here we go again...

The small village of Mérindol seen from higher up on the mountain.

We rented a house in the Luberon village of Mérindol. It's on the southern flank of the mountain and was very quiet and nice. Not a tourist destination at all. It was a good place to be based while driving around southern France.

A little advertisement for the local wine.

There is, of course, a big wine industry in Provence. One of the local appellations is Côtes du Luberon. Since it was the local wine, I think we drank quite a bit of it during our stay.

One of our meals out on the terrace.
Looks like the makings for a salade niçoise.

Our rental house had a wonderful outdoor terrace facing south where we ate many of the meals we had when we weren't out and about. That's one of the things we liked about renting a house: we had a fully equipped kitchen and we went shopping in the markets and prepared many of our own meals. For us this was much more fun, not to mention more economical, than eating every meal in a restaurant.

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  1. Snowing in Toronto but who cares! I'm on the road to Provence with you and Ken. I clicked: here, and French Regions. It's so pittoresque and breathtaking. I'm sure you don't mind sharing your picnic lunch et un verre de vin du Luboron. Thank you for the post. Claudia


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