Saturday, December 29, 2007

Bonnieux, Again

A few more images of Bonnieux for your viewing pleasure. Since my slides are out of order, these showed up after I had already posted some other images of this town.

Bonnieux seen from below.

From our house in Mérindol, there were two ways to get over the hill to the valley where these little hill towns were perched. We could west and around the mountain near Cavaillon, or we could drive east and cut through the mountain on a winding road that went through a pass.

There's always a view to be had in a hill town.

The winding pass road was much more scenic and we frequently used it. It spit us out right at the foot of Bonnieux, so we got to see it a lot.

This dog was napping in the shade, on cool stone, to escape the warm day.

This group of photos was taken when we decided that, instead of just passing through Bonnieux in the car, we should actually get out and walk around town a bit. We climbed up to the church and its grounds at the top of the hill and back down.

The hub of activity in Bonnieux was this café. Watch the traffic!

When we were in Bonnieux, there wasn't that much of commercial interest. One café/hotel, a handful of small artist shops, and not much more. I don't know how much it's changed since 1993, but I'd wager it has.


  1. Very picturesque. A lot of climbing. Certainly not like planned, boring suburbia!

  2. claudia, you're right about that, and I'm a professional city planner!

  3. Oops!...I had forgotten. I'll take off the word: planned. But I'll leave the word: boring. I lived in suburbia for a few years. Yawn!Prefer downtown anywhere. Or a village somewhere.Love travelling with your blog, while sipping French wine.


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