Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Boucherie Chevaline

In Saint-Aignan, just off the main square, there is a small shop adorned with the shiny red head of a horse. I've never been inside.

Many French towns have at least one butcher shop
that specializes in horse meat.

It's not that I have anything against eating horse meat, but it's never really attracted me. I thought the red sign against the backdrop of Saint-Aignan's church on a bright sunny day was eye-catching.

This photo is from April 2006.


  1. It looks like the head of a tall giant horse peering through what seems to be the door of the church - neat and cool :-)

  2. There's a very smart dress shop in the Marais that used to be a horse butchers. It's a strange effect seeing the horse motifs next to all the mannequins.

    I was given horse meat on my first visit to France. They shouldn't have told me, otherwise I'd have managed more than a couple of mouthfuls. A bit like beef in texture, but sweeter. Perhaps that was the grass.

  3. Strange, strange photo...yes, strange!

  4. beaver, I realized that I didn't have a photo of the actual storefront. One of these days I'll have to post it so you can see the actual shop.

    autolycus, in France, the cattle eat grass, too. Maybe that's why French beef is so different from the grain-fed American variety.

    claudia, the truth is stranger than fiction! ;)

  5. Damn I'm jealous of where you guys are living. Especially because you've lived in San Francisco too. I LOVED hanging out in San Francisco and could totally live there.

  6. evol, I do love living here, but the country life is a total 180º from the city life I was used to. I've never been to Melbourne (or anywhere in Australia). Maybe one day!


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