Thursday, April 24, 2008

Periodic Puppy Pics

I love to catch Callie napping, since she's often in a cute or funny pose. But she usually hears me and changes position before I can snap the photo.

This time she slowly opened her eyes as if to say, "There he goes again." Then she went back to sleep. I think she's getting used the weird humans and their cameras.


  1. From where I sit now I can peer into the bedroom from the kitchen and see Kika in almost exactly the same pose on the bed, minus the one opened eye. I'm glad I can blog and comment about our pets because I know for sure our friends are tired of us talking about them.

  2. This is adorable. When you have a really active pet, you appreciate their occasional naps even more.

  3. Come on, Walt - she knows that she has become a super model to a blog public around the world. Before she was a shy puppy - now she is a pro. Way to go Callie - great girl :-)

  4. This is priceless. She looks so comfy! Does she take many naps? Do you suggest it's time for bed at night? I haven't had pets since my sons left home. I remember their activities but not their rest-periods.

  5. Aww that's such a cutey! You gotta love her as she's not those annoying dogs who bark for ntg!

  6. owen, talk all you want! I know I don't talk about Callie nearly enough. Did I tell you what she did just yesterday? It was sooo cute...

    louise, you can say that again. Nap time is my favorite time of day.

    beaver, now if we can only tap into that super model income...

    claudia, she has more or less a routine for activity and sleep. And she knows when it's "bedtime" at night.

    kyh, there are times when I can't figure out what she's barking at. She even barks at flies on the wall.


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