Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Friends And Food

When John and Candy arrived, we immediately spread out the food and opened a bottle of sparkling Vouvray. They didn't even have time to unpack before we were toasting and tasting.

John and Candy, with Ken peeking in from behind.

I had made a grated carrot salad, and we bought some pâté, rillettes, jambon persillé, cucumber salad, and four little quiches. It was delicious.

Friday's lunch. The little quiches are still wrapped in paper.

On Saturday we had a fougasse and a pâté de pacques from a nearby bakery.

The special Easter pâté, with sausage, hard cooked egg, wrapped in a puff pastry.

Since then we've been tasting the various specialty breads from that same bakery. Among them are rillons/cabernet and walnut breads. Not to mention the wine.

Beautiful wood-fired breads from a bakery near our house.


  1. God I could die for the Easter pâté, with sausage, hard cooked egg, wrapped in a puff pastry.

    Sounds like you are having a wonderful time....eating,drinking and visiting!! Oh to be friends with you and visit you and be spoiled by you two.

    And Callie is looking prettier than ever!

    Enjoy Enjoy!! Victoria, Bellingham, WA

  2. I agree - that pâté de pacques looks yumbo.

  3. Hard to tell that C&J were weary travellers from the photo, but I'm sure they were. I agree with the prevous yumbos.

  4. Love the food photos! You can almost smell them! We had some wonderful rillettes at a troglodytque resto somewhere near Doué la Fontaine I think.

  5. I love that photo of your friends with Ken peeking behind!
    The food looks amazing too, as always.

  6. I would move to France solely based on that picture of bread! How lucky you are!

  7. That Easter pâté looks absolutely yummy!

  8. victoria, it was tasty!

    susan, whenever you're in town around Easter, look around. It's a typical thing that a lot of bakeries do.

    cheryl, they were weary, but they were good sports. And the jet lag didn't seem to slow them down much!

    rachael, I love rillettes!

    loulou, he was trying to be funny...

    jayne, pack your bags!

    claude, yup. And it didn't last very long... ;)


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