Monday, April 07, 2008

Periodic Puppy Pics

John and Candy brought Callie some really nifty gifts from California. Among them is the Tricky Treat Ball - an amazing ball that you fill with little treats. As the dog pushes the ball around, a treat falls out of a hole onto the floor, and she enthusiastically eats it up and tries for another.

Callie and the Tricky Treat Ball.

It took Callie a little less than twenty-four hours to figure out how to manipulate the ball so that she got treats. This is her new best toy.

She also loves her new gummy and Galileo nylabones. Not to mention her new friends, John and Candy!


  1. All your blog fans knew it was going to be a food fest. Be sure to supply details when you have a chance.

    Callie never takes a bad photo. In this one she has one paw forward, as if to say Hi Walt, and the other protecting the ball, saying Don't even think of touching this.

  2. She looks better that ever. She is such a star!

  3. Callie always speaks to me with her eyes. She says, "I'm sorry I cannot come out. I would if I could." Have fun, dear Callie.

    And wishing all of you, the best time ever!


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