Sunday, April 20, 2008

Green Tulips

The first year we were in this house, I planted bulbs out front. The tulips were billed as "green," but they're more whitish-yellow with streaks of green. I really like them.

The side view.

They've done pretty well every year, but the winter of 2006-2007 was pretty mild and last year the tulips didn't put up any flowers. I thought maybe they were done for, but this spring the flowers are back.

The close-up.

My plans this spring are to dig up some other tulips and daffodils around the yard and bring them up front to plant near these. As soon as this year's bloom is done and the greens start to die back, I'll start moving them. Next spring we should have a new look out front.

The top view.


  1. Pourquoi tous les photos de Paris?

  2. beautiful tulip photos! i miss that flower in particular down here in Corse where i don't think i have ever actually seen one growing. of course they are for sale, but i doubt they grew them here.
    also, my 18 month old daughter would love a new photo of Callie!

  3. It's sooooooo beautiful. I'm awed!

  4. starman, I took the paris photos last April while up there visiting friends, one of which is visiting us this week. So it's sort of nostalgia thing.

    cara, I'm sure it's too warm in Corse for tulips. I'll work on a new Callie photo for you!

    claudia, me too!

  5. What beautiful flowers to have in your garden... well done!

  6. And I've always associated this with Holland. Heh. But they are beautiful indeed.


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